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Advisors to Equity and Enterprise

Ronald C. Pruett, Jr.
Managing Partner


Elizabeth A. Pruett


Mitch Bader

Special Advisor

Henrik Sandell, Ph.D.

Special Advisor

Charlotte Pruett


Located upon the grounds of the historic Appleton and Dane Farms, the Boston Associates is built upon a proud heritage of advising equity and enterprise globally. We partner with principled investors and passionate management to create lasting value. This is most often accomplished by rapidly reshaping and repositioning existing businesses so that their full potential can be realized. We welcome inquiries from determined entrepreneurs, equity investors, and successful business managers from the US and abroad presenting opportunities that would benefit from our approach.

Our Direction

  • We have a preference for direct to consumer companies that can leverage the internet, blockchain, television, and other digital distribution platforms.

  • We concentrate on under performing and under appreciated services companies where modest amounts of capital and technology can be significantly applied to enhance value.

  • We seek out innovative product companies that capture meaningful niches in large markets.

  • We prefer focused companies possessing a unique and differentiated brand position.

  • We favor companies with a marketing oriented culture and a customer driven mindset.

  • We relish rejuvenating and repositioning tired and neglected brands and revenue models while creating and launching new ones.

to About

Boston Brands


Boston Brands is a holding company focused on acquiring and growing category-defining, premium consumer brands and companies in select markets.

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The ever-changing nature of individual consumer demand and buying trends means new and continuous cycles of opportunity throughout the world. Let’s transform it together. We look forward to hearing from you.

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